Our company MALAKATES MARBLES SA is a leading supplier and exporter of natural stones such as marble, granite, limestone and onyx with offices, and production line, located in Athens, Greece.

We partner with the world’s top producing quarries where all our products are sourced from and are of the highest quality.

We are able to provide tiles, slabs or blocks in a variety of colors and sizes and are able to cater for large orders at competitive prices.

The sourcing and expertise of MALAKATES MARBLES SA ensure our clients receive the best possible service and the right natural stone for any project.

Our 50 years experience in the field of marble and our involvement with this is not only in processing but also in marble mining, since for 15 consecutive years we have maintained a private quarry in Volaka Drama. Moreover, we import and export processed and unprocessed natural stones worldwide.

Product list: